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The material on this page and the associated pages at the truth.charleshontphd.com domain were originally located at truth.boisestate.edu

Truth.boisestate.edu was decomissioned by BSU in February of 2012 for reasons associated with branding and other standardization requirements. Hundreds of hours of recoding would have been required to bring these pages into compliance with those requirements and I felt it was not a good investment of time. Time that could be otherwise devoted to research and scholarship.

This website was created as an archive of the pages associated with my laboratory and particularly so that the Journal of Credibility Assessment and Witness Psychology would continue to have a home. However, the material found here is now in no way associated with Boise State University 

Curriculum Vitae: Charles R. Honts, Ph. D.
Resources for Lawyers, Polygraph Examiners and Other Interested Persons
Last Updated - 22 February 2012