Special Issue: Proceedings of the Workshop on the Use of Autonomic and Somatic Measures for Security Evaluations

Edited by


Andrea K. Webb and John C. Kircher

University of Utah


Journal of Credibility Assessment and Witness Psychology, 2006, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 17-168


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Introduction to the Special Issue, Andrea K. Webb & John C. Kircher,  pp. 17-19


Polygraph Screening,  Donald J. Krapohl, pp. 20-23


Issues In The Study Of Polygraph Screening Techniques, Michael Bradley, pp. 24-27


Using the Polygraph in Employment and National Security David C. Raskin & Charles R. Honts, pp. 28-34


Emerging Technologies in Credibility Assessment, Andrew H. Ryan, Jr., pp. 35-40


Toward a Neurocognitive Basis of Deception, Ray Johnson, Jr., pp. 41-46


The Polygraph: One Machine, Two World Views, Stephen W. Porges, pp. 47-73


The Use of Voice in Security Evaluations, Harry Hollien & James Harnsberger, pp. 74-78


Voice Stress, James Meyerhoff, pp. 79-98                                        


Evaluating Voice-Based Measures for Detecting Deception, Mitchell S. Sommers, pp. 99-107


Emerging Methods and Detecting Stress and Thermal Imaging, Dean Pollina, pp. 108-115


Body Odors as Biomarkers for Stress, Pamela Dalton, pp. 116-126               


Radar Technology For Acquiring Biological Signals, Gene Greneker, pp. 127-134


The Physiology of Threat: Remote Assessment Using Laser Doppler Vibrometry John W. Rohrbaugh, Erik J. Sirevaag, John A. Stern, & Andrew H. Ryan, Jr., pp. 135-145


The Gaze Control System and Detection of Deception, John A. Stern, pp. 146-148


Eye Movement-Based Assessment of Concealed Knowledge, Frank M. Marchak, pp. 149-163


Multimethod Assessment of Deception on Personnel Tests: Reading, Writing, and Response Time Measures, Andrea K Webb, Sean D. Kristjansson, Dahvyn Osher, Anne E. Cook, John C. Kircher, Douglas J. Hacker, & Dan J. Woltz, pp. 164-168


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